Trypnaural Meditation Program

Imagine that your unconscious mind is a bio drive with its own operating system and the software that runs your current life. The unconscious is irrational and usual behaviour. You cannot distinguish negative or positive, play only programs (habits) in loaded since you were born. The conscious mind treated rational decisions to cases, it acts as a filter for the information bomb, all day your environment and noise. As the negative information security and networking in your unconscious mind. The conscious mind hate multitasking and it prefer to do a task at a time. Under duress and forced several tasks, like many of us in these moments, disrupted their ability to protect of the unconscious restless modern negative information. Use magician and hypnotic stage distract, if their topics and bypass the conscious rational, however, proposals in the unconscious to plants. Exactly the conscious a tool is powerful in life, what, you want. If you learn that trypnaural meditation program take control of your conscience unconscious programming positive in it, which allows the habits of the form. The spirit of the ABC aware is a hypnotic journey powerful 30 minutes to the talk directly to his awareness and prepare for progress, .